Instructions for Presenters

Oral Presentations

  • All presentation will be held at the Clock Tower Bldg., Kyoto University (Yoshida Main Campus), Kyoto, Japan.

  • September 15:        First Floor, Centennial Hall
    September 16-19:  Second Floor, International Conference Hall II

  • The presentation time is as follows
    (including the time for you to connect your PC to the projector):

  • Presentation
    Invited 30 min (25 min presentation and 5 min discussion)
    Oral       20 min (15 min presentation and 5 min discussion)

  • Speakers will not be allowed to exceed their allotted time for presentation, so make sure that you are able to stay within presentation time limit.

  • We recommend to you operate your presentations directly from your own PC.

  • ** Please bring an AC adapter for your PC.
    ** For PC with different pin types, please make sure to bring a converting cable to D-sub 15 pins type.
    ** Your laptop computer should newer version than windows 2000 and Macintosh OSX10.1.2
    ** We prepare a PC (windows7 -Office2013 installed in) on site. It is available to use it on request.

Poster Presentations

  • The poster session is held on Monday,15 and Tuesday,16 September

  • Session 1 Monday, 15 September (13:30-14:30):
    Room No.163, First Floor Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.6
    Session 2 Tuesday, 16 September (13:30-14:30):
    Room No.163, First Floor Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.6

  • Posters should not be larger than 120 cm in height and 85 cm in width Drawing pins (thumbtacks) for posting will be offered by the organizer.

  • Poster boards and poster numbers will be available to display.
    The following information must appear at the top of the poster.
    Title, Name(s) of Author(s), address of author(s).

  • Please put up your poster by 13:30 on Mon, 15 Sep. All poster boards will be available by 11:30 on Mon, 15 Sep.

  • Please keep on your poster by 14:30 on Tue,16 Sep. Posters left on the board after 17:00 may be removed by the Conference staff.