KIT/Symetrix International Symposium

From Tradition to the Future: Moving towards a post-CMOS era

- CeRAM: Correlated Electron Memory -

- Online -

Organized by;

KIT: Kyoto Institute of Technology

Supported by;

Symetrix Corporation

In cooperation with;

  • The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
  • The Japan Society of Applied Physics
  • IEEE Japan Council

25th Thu. - 26th Fri. August, 2022

(24th Wed. - 25th Thu. August, 2022 in the U.S.)

- Online -


About CeRAM


This symposium focuses on innovative memory solutions for post-silicon and post-Neumann computers that have surpassed the evolution of 80 years since the invention of the transistor. From the host in Kyoto, where has cultivated manufacturing with an emphasis on wisdom in tradition*1), the world's key persons will depict the technology and its direction. The CeRAM in the symposium sub-title will be introduced by Dr. Araujo*2), who developed it with an innovative correlated electronic switch using the concept of quantum effects by Nobel Prize-winning physicist N.F.Mott. At the Symposium, we can share new wisdom from electrons to the quantum world, in order to respond to changes in the industrial structure due to the increase in big data and the development of AI / IoT technology. ---References--- *1) From Kyoto, from Tradition to the Future: Reference Books ( Reference 1 and Reference 2 ) *2) CeRAM: Most Current Papers (Applied Physics Letters Materials 2022 Apr.) and Introductory article

*The presentations will be with either English or Japanese. *The contents of this symposium will be published as the proceedings later.

Date & Venue


25th Thu. - 26th Fri. August, 2022 in Japan and Taiwan

24th Wed. - 25th Thu. August, 2022 in the U.S.




Speakers & Schedule

Day 1: Speakers

  1. Opening Remarks

    [in English]

    photo-Masahiro Yoshimoto

    Masahiro Yoshimoto

    Trustee, Vice President of Kyoto Institute of Technology

    photo-Yoshio Nishi

    Yoshio Nishi

    Advisor and Project Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology,

    Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

  2. “From Tradition to the Future -Innovation from Kyoto-”

    [in Japanese]

    photo-Seiichi Nishimoto

    Sei-ichi Nishimoto

    Professor Emeritus, and former Dean of Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University;

    Chairman, ASTEM;

    Chairman, Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Technology and Culture

  3. “From Kyoto to the world -Challenge to cutting-edge materials science-”

    [in Japanese]

    photo-Osamu Tsuji

    Osamu Tsuji

    Samco Inc. Chairman and CEO,

    Samco Foundation Chairman,

    Specially Appointed Professor of Kyoto Institute of Technology

  4. “T-Era Starts: Tera-Scale Integration Enabled by Optimizing Monolithic and Heterogeneous Integration for Intelligence^N Applications”

    [in English]

    photo-Nicky Lu

    Nicky Lu

    Member of NAE,

    IEEE Fellow,

    Chair/Founder of Etron,

    Chair of World Semiconductor Council (2014-2015)

  5. “In search of post-silicon materials for memory”

    [in English]

    photo-Shizuo Fujita

    Shizuo Fujita

    Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University

Day 1: Time Schedule

Day1: Time Schedule
Day1: SP-Time Schedule

Day 2: Speakers

  1. “Development and commercialization of embedded FeRAM”

    [in English]

    photo-Masamichi Azuma

    Masamichi Azuma

    Symetrix Contract Researcher, Former Chief of Panasonic Corp.

  2. “Development & Introduction of Suica as Automatic Fare Collection System and the Spread of it in Social Infrastructure -Deployment of IC ticket with FeRAM-”

    [in Japanese]

    photo-Akio Shiibashi

    Akio Shiibashi

    Senior Advisor, Member of the Board of JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

  3. “From the invention of CeRAM to the challenge of post-CMOS and post- Neuman era”

    [in English]

    photo-Carlos Paz de Araujo

    Carlos Paz de Araujo

    Prof. of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs,

    Chairman and CEO, Symetrix Corporation

  4. “Materials. Processes and Physical characterization of Mott Switching"

    [in English]

    photo-Jolanta Celinska

    Jolanta Celinska

    Vice President of Research at Symetrix Corporation

  5. “Expectation to AI Technologies in the Medical Field – From EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) to SBM (Science-Based Medicine)-”

    [in Japanese]

    photo-Hiromi Wada

    Hiromi Wada

    Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University,

    Clinic Director of Karasuma Wada Clinic,

    Emeritus member of Japan Surgical Society,

    Honorary chairman of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery

  6. Closing Remarks

    [in English]

    photo-Gota Kano

    Gota Kano

    Director of Symetrix Corporation,

    Former Visiting Professor of Kyoto Institute of Technology,

    Member of Panasonic Fellow Association

Day 2: Time Schedule

Day2: Time Schedule


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