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Social Events

Oral Presentation

  • The presentation time is as follows (including the time for you to connect your PC to the projector):
  • - Plenary35 min (30 min presentation and 5 min discussion)
    - Invited30 min (25 min presentation and 5 min discussion)
    - Oral (Contributed)15 min (12 min presentation and 3 min discussion)
  • Equipment
    Windows laptop computer for common use will be available for your presentations in the conference room.
    Please bring your presentation data saved to a USB storage device.

    **Notes when using your own laptop for presentation**
    Please bring all required connection cables (with a d-sub 15-pin adapter) for your laptop, and a power adapter, if necessary.
    If you wish to use your own Mac computer, you will need the appropriate VGA video adapter.

Poster Presentation

  • Poster session is held on Monday,4 (13:30-14:30)
  • Poster board size is 2.1m high and 1.2m wide.
    Poster should not be larger than the poster board.
    Drawing pins (thumbtacks) for posting will be offered by the organizer.
  • Please put up your poster before your poster session starts.
  • Please remove your poster by 12:00 on Thursday 7.
    Posters left on the board after this time may be removed by the Conference staff.
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