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Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission

  • Post-deadline abstracts (mostly poster presentations) are now welcomed to be submitted.
  Post-deadline abstracts Submission Deadline : October 16, 2017
  24:00(JST, GMT+9:00)

You will be notified of the Abstract Submission Number by automatic e-mail when the submission is completed. If by any chance the confirmation email does not reach you, please contact the secretariat at jspp10@camt.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp.

A prospective participant who wishes to present his/her paper is requested to submit an Extended Abstract, 1 or 2 page(s) in length on A4 paper, in English, by uploading it though the "Abstract Submission Site" below.
  • Refer to the prescribed format as indicated below:
  • Name your file as "(family name of the corresponding author).pdf", such as "smith.pdf"
  • Embed ALL fonts in your PDF file. The size of each pdf file must not exceed 10 Mbytes.
  • Upload your abstract file in the "Abstract Submission Site", together with other information on the abstract. If you have any problem in upload the file and/or inputting the required information, please contact the Organizing Committee at jspp10@camt.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp
  • Each registered participant is allowed to present only one paper (either oral or poster) in the Symposium.
Please note that the registered participant of the 10th EU-Japan Symposium on Plasma Processing can also attend the 82nd IUVSTA Workshop on Plasma-based Atomic Layer Processes free of charge.

Session Categories

  • Atomic and molecular processes in plasmas
  • Collision cross sections
  • Fundamentals of low temperature plasmas
  • Plasma-surface interactions
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Modeling and numerical simulations of plasmas and surfaces
  • Atmospheric/high-pressure plasmas
  • Plasmas in (contact with) liquids
  • Plasma processing of materials, including etching and deposition
  • Plasma application for nanotechnologies
  • Plasma application for biology, medicine, and environments
  • Other plasma science and technologies
  • Special Session: Plasma-Liquid Interactions
  • Special Session: Plasma Application to Agriculture
  • Other topics in plasma science and technologies

Possible Financial Support for Full-time Students : Depending on the students' needs and funding availability, the registration fees of full-time students who present their work may be reduced or waived. If you are a student and request possible financial support, please contact the the secretariat at jspp10@camt.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp after submitting your abstract.

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